“Ultra” rate — a dream of travelers!

“Ultra” rate for those who likes ultraprofitable deals. We offer accommodations + 2 times meals for two people + parking spot for 6800 roubles per night and more.  

Are you traveling from Finland and decided to make sure you have enough strength to enjoy the world of beautiful architecture and history of Saint Petersburg, or did you just decided to spend your weekends on shopping in Scandinavian countries, but road turned out to be longer and more difficult than you thought? May it be that you are just traveling through cities of Mother Russia and choose to stay not far from main road outs?


What do travelers choosing their cars need most of all? They need the possibility to check-in in light and comfortable hotel not far from quick and easy way to main roads and ring road, to have a delicious supper, to take a hot shower, to sleep in soft and comfortable bed, to have a square breakfast and to continue their journey with great feelings and mood.


Our hotel is located in 7 minutes from ring road, it has convenient parking on it’s own territory, a restaurant on the first floor, reception working 24/7 and wonderful studio-rooms of different sizes.


To make the journey of our travelers not only comfortable but also profitable we prepared a special offer - “Ultra” rate. It includes accommodation, two times meals and parking spot and it costs just 6800 roubles per night and more.


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