“FIFA World Cup 2018” rate

Support your favorite team with comfort and profit.

If FIFA World Cup means something for you and you want to see the games taking place in St. Petersburg by yourself, com to us! We’ll give you wonderful rooms with great kitchen, conditioner and cable TV. We’re located near Ring Road and not far from “Prospect Prosvescheniya” metro station, and this means that your way to the stadium will be easy and fast either by car or by city transport.

We prepared a special offer for you on the dates of games and the day before that so you’ll have the opportunity to support your team not only with comfort but with profit either.

Offer condition:

  1. The first day of accommodation must be prepaid not later than 7 days before check-in.
  2. Discounts and offers don’t sum up.

Call us, make a reservation and come to our hotel!

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